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Families with small children

As a parent we get extremely worried about our children being exposed to high pollution levels and their incessant coughing. We wonder if there is anything we can do to safeguard their health besides leaving the city. We wonder whether to invest in a purifier and mask, which ones are most effective, whether we should send our children to parks, which indoor places are safe for them and which daycares/preschools/ schools are right for them.

Our solution will help parents like us to map both the indoor and the outdoor air quality of our immediate surroundings so that we can make many such informed decisions in the best interests of the health of our children.

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Individuals with respiratory problems

Extremely high pollution levels in our city may cause extreme frustration for some of us with asthma and other respiratory issues as it makes it impossible for us to breathe and spend time outdoors. Even sitting in our home environments we may not be able to breathe easily.

With our portable device, we will now be able to monitor the quality of air wherever we go and make decisions around whether you should wear masks or completely avoid going outdoors on certain days.

We will also be to measure the effectiveness of our purifiers, make decisions around which speeds to turn them on and how frequently to change or replace filters in order to maintain good air quality in our personal indoor spaces. With data around interior air quality, we may also be able to motivate people at our work spaces to take effective measures to combat air pollution as high pollution levels impact the health of all individuals.

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Individuals working on environmental issues

With the data generated by our device, those of us who work on environmental issues in government and other institutions will be able to better convince other stakeholders that we work with around the severity of the problem. We will also be able to make location specific action plans for improving the air quality of outdoor and indoor public places of the cities we focus on.


High pollution levels of city gets parents extremely worried about the quality of air our children are breathing in daycares, preschools and primary schools as they end up spending significant amounts of time in these spaces apart from homes. Some parents who track air quality data are also apprehensive about sending our children to schools on high pollution days

Through our solution your institution will be able to decide whether investing in a purifier will be a value add to your business or measure the effectiveness of your existing purifiers. You will be also be able to decide which spaces the purifiers will be most effective in given the existing designs or make modifications to the design to ensure better air quality in all interior spaces. By measuring the outdoor air quality of parks and other open spaces in your daycare or school environment at various times of the day, you will be also be able to decide what times of the day to take children outside to play and which days to avoid outdoor activity completely.

After using the monitor on a regular basis, you will also receive certification on an ongoing basis around the quality of air at your premises which will provide greater satisfaction to the parents

Gym/Yoga studios

Chances of getting affected by high pollution levels increase significantly during heavy breathing caused by exercising. With extremely high pollution, many of us will consider exercising indoors without realising that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor.

By monitoring and taking effective measures to improve the air quality of your place through purifiers and other 

local solutions, at your exercise studio will be able to save many people from potentially developing health issues.

After using the monitor on a regular basis, you will also receive certification on an ongoing basis around the quality of air at your premises which will make the practitioners believe that your truly concerned about their health.

Five Star Hotels
Recreational Spaces- Five Star Hotels/Resorts

Good air quality will also become essential at recreational spaces, such as five star hotels or resorts, as we expect a high quality of experience and end up spending days or weeks together at such places.

Along with measuring the air quality of various interior spaces, you will be able to make decisions around the effectiveness of purifiers or other sources of improving air quality. You will also be to measure and make decisions around how to improve the air quality of your outdoor spaces by taking simple and effective measures, like planting more trees, or employing other local solutions.

After using the monitor on a regular basis, you will also receive certification on an ongoing basis around the quality of air in your indoor spaces which will provide greater customer satisfaction.