Keep Respiratory Infections At Bay During Winters With These 5 Foods

Healthy fruits and vegetables

Our respiratory system is the most crucial, yet most abused organ system in our body. Various external stressful factors such as polluted air, weather changes, unhealthy food intake, erratic schedules, improper lifestyle etc. play havoc on our immunity, and the

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Health Impact of Particulate Matter PM2.5 and PM10

IBreathe - man wearing mask and holding xray

Every day we come across headlines screaming in our face on the imminent dangers of the polluted air engulfing our surroundings.We could probably go three weeks without food, three days without water, but it’s difficult to go beyond three minutes without air.

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How to Stay Active During Winters In Spite of Pollution

Woman running

There is no better start to a winter day than a run in the crisp morning air, followed by breakfast while basking in the warm winter sun. Increasingly, however, winters have become an omen of high pollution levels, severe air quality, choking smog and endless respiratory

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Eat Right to Breathe Right!

Healthy meal

Ayurveda - one of the oldest bodies of knowledge on holistic wellness, has its roots ingrained in the philosophy that food plays a big part in our well-being. As per Ayurveda and Yoga humans have psycho-physiological constitution. The three doshas

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Measuring Data - Understanding Particulate Matter and How It Impacts Our Health

Women driving two-wheelers with masks

There has been significant research around the effects of PM2.5 and PM10 worldwide which has connected high levels of exposure to these pollutants with significant health problems. Here is how Airveda is helping monitor that

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Fun Ways To Celebrate a Firecracker-free Diwali

Diwali diyas

Growing up, Diwali signified new beginnings, fun and festivities. The house bustled with friends and family and lights and smells that were truly unique to the time of year. As children, it meant new clothes, gifts, decorations, rangolis and

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6 Things You Need To Know When Buying An Air Purifier [STUDY]

City covered in smog

Many people have asked us our views on which purifiers are most effective. So we decided to use the Airveda monitor to do a small study on 3 popular Air Purifiers

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Simple Remedies To Help You Counter Nasal Congestion

Woman breathing fresh air

Nasal congestion or stuffy nose is the blockage of the nasal passages usually due to membranes, lining the nose, becoming swollen from inflamed pm2blood vessels. Typical symptoms of nasal congestion are nasal discharge, congestion, cough, fever

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4 Easy Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A plant growing in concrete

Air pollution and global warming are now a major threat to all mankind. WHO reports that around 7 million people die in a year as a result of air pollution exposure. 65% of the deaths in Asia and 25% deaths in India are due to air pollution alone.

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How to Choose the Right Anti-Pollution Mask

Children wearing masks

Air pollutants are emitted by a number of sources – industries, households, farming activities, vehicles, and even natural occurrences such as forest fires, dust storms and volcanic activity. These emissions are a concoction of dust, chemicals, solid and liquid fine particulate matter

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What Is PM2.5 and Why Is It Important?

Man running in the city

We know when food is dirty or water is impure but when it comes to air we do not realize how polluted it is because we cannot see it. And we breathe in almost 3000 gallons of air every day. While larger pollutants are directly visible to the eye.

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Birth of Airveda

Sapling growing in the solid

Asthma runs in my family. My dad, myself and my daughter are all asthmatic. After being in the US for 13 years, we moved to India in Dec 2013. In 2014 Delhi was declared the most polluted city in the world. In September 2014 my asthma got much worse, after double courses of oral steroids

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